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Current Challenges to An Bunreaċt 1937

Irish Referendum on March 8th, International Women's Day,

  • Does it UNDERMINE WOMEN's rights???
  • Why is your Government pushing the "Yes" campaign
  • Why is the Government opposition silent?

Proposed 39th & 40th Amendments for the Information of Voters

If all of this resonates as positive, vote yes.

If any of this is unclear, unnecessary or undesirable, vote No / No.

39th Amendment to An Bunreacht 1937 Family

Proposed thirty-ninth Amendment of the Constitution. Change to The Family Bill 2023. White Ballot Paper

40th Amendment to An Bunreacht 1937

Proposed fortieth Amendment of the Constitution. Change to The Care Bill 2023. Green Ballot Paper

Statement from Senator Michael McDowell 12th Feb 2024

McDowell Condemns O’Gorman’s Department’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Cover Up

The public interest requires keeping the public in the dark

Minister Roderic O’Gorman’s Department has now decided that it would not be in the “public interest” to publish the minutes of the government’s Interdepartmental Group meetings which considered the proposed amendments to the Constitution, over the course of the last year 2023.

The Department has refused access to all 64 pages of notes and minutes discussing the consequences of the amendments including tax laws, social welfare laws, pension laws, allocation of family assets, alimony and allowance including the laws in relation to family reunification for asylum seekers. The withheld records include minutes of 16 meetings of the cross-departmental group. The records also include correspondence with an NGO named “Treoir”.

The Department’s flawed opinion is that to allow access and publish these minutes would be “premature” and might impinge on “the integrity and viability of the referendums”, as “public officials could be seen to promote” referendum outcomes in breach of what the Departments says are the McKenna/McCrystal Principles.

The Department apparently wishes to suppresses all information in the minutes of the cross-departmental meetings until after the people have voted in the referendum.

Are the people not entitled to know what the Department of Finance sees as the likely consequences for tax and pension law?

Are the people not entitled to know what the implications are giving much wider rights for family reunification to asylum seekers and immigrants? Read more

FOI request regarding 39th & 40th amendments

Freedom of Information (FOI) Request by Gript Media 18th Jan 2024

requests made to Government of Ireland

about meetings held on the implications on numerous concerning issues surrounding the upcoming referendum on the family and women within the home.

The FOI request to make the minutes of these meetings available to the public has been denied until after the referendum. In effect it seems that the government are asking us to make this serious choice blindly.

Why the minister is withholding vital information that would support the people in making a clear choice?


Days, hours, minutes and seconds left for you to own your voice, and VOTE No on unclear and undefined wording on the 39th and 40th amendments


Former Irish Attorney General explains dangers of amending Article 41.

Referendum debate should not be based on misinformation Senator Michael McDowell clarifies women's rights as they stand today.

...... There is not just one legal or interpretative meaning for these amendments. Given that they were guillotined through the Houses of the Oireachtas in a matter of hours without pre-legislative scrutiny, and that they differ from the views expressed by the Citizens’ Assembly and the Oireachtas Committee’s proposals, their implications must now be carefully considered.
The heavily State-funded National Women’s Council of Ireland claimed at its campaign launch that the present article 41.2 is a “stereotypical reference to women’s place in the home” and is “underpinning discriminatory practices, such as the marriage bar, and the exclusion of women from many sectors of society”. All untrue.

IRISH POLITICS by Senator Michael McDowell 31/1/24

Department of Equality FOI Cover Up

If Sinn Fein doesn't get their way in this referendum they will simply run it again until they get the result they want. Is that "choice"?!

"The question whether it is the destiny of the Irish Constitution

to be more than a piece of paper, depends not on the nobility

of it's contents, but on the watchfulness of the Irish people."

Fundamental Rights in the Irish Law and Constitution by J.M Kelly

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