This is the people’s oath

Official Literal English Translation

In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity which is the wellspring for all authority and to whom, since it is the final end for us, not alone actions of people but actions of States are directed,

As we, the people of Éire, are humbly admitting the extent to which we are obliged to Jesus Christ, our Lord God, who comforted our ancestors in every hardship in which they were for hundreds of years,

And as we gratefully remember how bravely they fought ceaselessly to achieve the independence which is the intrinsic right of our Nation,

And as we are setting out to advance the public good with Wisdom and Integrity and Charity as is appropriate, so that we can ensure His nobility and His freedom to every individual, to establish a proper societal life, to give the restoration of her unity to our country, and to make mutual alliance with other nations,

We are hereby adopting this Constitution, and enacting it and dedicating it to ourselves.

Points to Consider:

The Preamble shows that it is the people who adopted, enacted and gave to themselves on July 1st 1937 An Bunreacht Na hÉireann as the rule of law for the entire island. In doing so they brought in the full force of law on December 29th 1937 and it remains as such to the present day.

This supersedes articles 16 and 17 from An Saorstat (1922), which was an oath to the King of England and his heirs.  This 1937 constitution puts us as serving God directly. "We bow to no king, no Kaiser, no priest."  We only honour God in worship. It asserts that it is the people who hold the power and not the State.

"not alone actions of people but actions of States are directed",

Her, refers to Éire


Relevant cases in "Kelly The Irish Constitution"

According to JM Kelly The Irish Constitution in McGee vs Attorney General, The Preamble identifies the enacting authority as the people of Éire. It also clarifies the name of our State as Éire.
Associated with the Preamble are the natural human rights with natural law and the law of God. In reliance jointly on the Preamble and Article 6 the Constitution acknowledges God as the ultimate source of authority, with natural law being derived from God's law.

Power of the preamble JM Kelly The Irish Constitition
The preamble Kelly The Irish Constitution