Fundamental Rights

Article 44 - Religion and Faith

Official Literal English translation

Article 44 Religion

44.1.3  The State also recognises the Church of Ireland,

the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Religious Society of Friends in Ireland, as well as the Jewish Congregations and the other religious denominations existing in Ireland at the date of the coming into operation of this Constitution.

44.2.1  Freedom of conscience and free licence/liberty to profess and practise religion is guaranteed to every citizen, provided that not be to the detriment of public order nor to public morality.

44.2.3  The State is not permitted to put a person under any disability nor to make any distinction because of faith/ religion or profession of faith or standing in matters of faith.

Points to Consider:

Article 44 takes in a broad range of faiths and religions. It gives us the right to practice our chosen faith and confirms that the State has not got the right to discriminate on religious grounds.

This article might be a subject of a referendum amendment as it could be argued that it is not 100% applicable for the religious landscape of Éire today.