Recent Challenges to Bunreacht Na hÉireann 1937

No/No vote carried on Irish Referendum on March 8th

  • Does Article 41 of the Irish Constitution actually UNDERMINE women's rights???
  • A Yes vote will allow Your Government to be forever off the hook for delivering the (ignored) requirements of Article 41
  • Why is your Government pushing a "Yes" campaign if they're supposed to be impartial?
  • Why are you not allowed to see the minutes of the government meetings on the implications of this referendum?
  • Why is the Government opposition silent?

:Senator Rónán Mullen: on X 9th March 2024
The people of Ireland have had their first chance in four years to give their view as an electorate on the way they are being governed. This referendum result is their verdict on the political leadership class and it is a damning one. Read more

There are very new groups that are emerging in Irish society, especially in the "gender-identity" and "polyamory / polygamy" spaces. Is it wise to legislate now to cater for groups that are still evolving / emerging? This area needs careful consideration before we amend our Irish Constitution and take away rights from our native families and women to accommodate these minorities. What does "durable relationships" mean? What is the real reason for the removal of the words "woman" and "mother", and what will be the impact of their removal on Irish society? Why has Roderick O'Gorman's ministerial office denied the FOI request access to minutes of 64 pages of minutes from 16 meetings on the implications of the 39th and 40th amendments, until after the referendum. There could be major implications on wills and succession rights and taxation laws, on land & property rights and on businesses etc. Why were we asked to vote blindly?

The current questions around defining what family unit is, and what is a woman, mother, father, boy, girl etc., may not wholly be about bringing inclusivity into our society. Traditional family values may be undermined with the sexual diversity inclusion policies being promoted openly, even in, our primary education system. Is there anything in the current Irish Constitution that is a threat to the minority sexual-orientation groups that are emerging? There are already sections in the Fundamental rights section that cover equality. How can that be expanded without diluting the needs of existing happy families? What else (if anything) needs to be covered in our Irish Constitution laws to protect all?

A two thirds majority voted NO/No to the Proposed 39th & 40th Amendments to Article 41 of the Irish Constitution.

If Sinn Fein doesn't get their way in this referendum they will simply run it again until they get the result they want. Is that "choice"?!

It appears that our elected representatives are not listening to / respecting our choices.

Statement from Senator Michael McDowell 12th Feb 2024

McDowell Condemns O’Gorman’s Department’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Cover Up

The public interest requires keeping the public in the dark

"Minister Roderic O’Gorman’s Department has now decided that it would not be in the “public interest” to publish the minutes of the government’s Interdepartmental Group meetings which considered the proposed amendments to the Constitution, over the course of the last year 2023.

The Department has refused access to all 64 pages of notes and minutes discussing the consequences of the amendments including tax laws, social welfare laws, pension laws, allocation of family assets, alimony and allowance including the laws in relation to family reunification for asylum seekers. The withheld records include minutes of 16 meetings of the cross-departmental group. The records also include correspondence with an NGO named “Treoir”."

Are the people not entitled to know what the Department of Finance sees as the likely consequences for tax and pension law?

Are the people not entitled to know what the implications are giving much wider rights for family reunification to asylum seekers and immigrants?" Read more

EU legislation on durable relationships could have dire consequences on immigration policies.

Minister of State, Neil Richmond, agreed that the March 8th referendum on The Family and EU legislation on durable relationships could have dire consequences on immigration policies. Every immigrant can request to bring in an additional 20 family members. This would see the indigenous Irish people become a minority in their own country within a short space of time.

Why the minister is withholding vital information that would support the people in making a clear choice?

FOI request regarding 39th & 40th amendments

Freedom of Information (FOI) Request by Gript Media 18th Jan 2024

requests made to Government of Ireland

about meetings held on the implications on numerous concerning issues surrounding the upcoming referendum on the family and women within the home.

The FOI request to make the minutes of these meetings available to the public has been denied until after the referendum. In effect it seems that the government are asking us to make this serious choice blindly.

Department of Equality FOI Cover Up

Four Govt TDs voted No in Family, Care referendums, and some of these campaigned for 'yes' votes - see RTE article below

"The question whether it is the destiny of the Irish Constitution

to be more than a piece of paper, depends not on the nobility

of it's contents, but on the watchfulness of the Irish people."

Fundamental Rights in the Irish Law and Constitution by J.M Kelly